Our Campus is our Playground


The act of learning never stops, even when they are out of the classroom! At our campus, students are encouraged to express themselves, be it through arts, literature, sports, culture or technology. The best examples of this are the various clubs that have been founded with the sole aim of involving students in more than just academics.

Art Club

Students, within this club go beyond the everyday painting and drawing. They learn to express ideas into a visual treat that both elates the minds and tugs at the heart. Students with the club also participate in various competitions to showcase their talents.

Sports Club

Health and fitness conscious students who are a part of this club learn sportsmanship, while excelling in their choice(s) of sports i.e. Basketball, Swimming, Soccer, etc. bringing in laurels to the school.

Literary Club

Encourages book enthusiasts as well as budding writers to bring out their imagination. Students are encouraged to read various genres of books - from biographies, literature: classic to modern books.

Health and Wellness Club

Prepares students for any and almost all eventualities. Students of this club learn ‘FIRST – AID’ treatments for various emergency situations. They are trained to assist in times of need, while are made aware about the importance of health.

Heritage Club

While the other clubs work with present and prepare for Future, this club takes its students on a journey into the past. In this club students learn the HOW’s of the present day culture of different countries.