Reqelford International School has always believed in a Strong Networking System and a supreme factor strengthening this further is the school’s dynamic Alumni Body initiated three years ago. It continues to thrive with more and more members enrolling each year. Over the years, a typical alumni reunion is in the form of lively gatherings at the school’s big sporting matches, school fests, winter carnivals, founder’s day celebrations and gala events. The members are also ever forthcoming to give individual talk and presentations to the current school cohort showcasing not only their Universities and Colleges but also sharing their expertise and best practices which are instrumental in their professional and academic growth.

A most noticeable contribution during these sessions are the manifestations of potential pathways and multiple routes that a student can take to pursue higher studies and achieve success. The alumni’s presence each year at school events is a testimony of how proud the members feel about their Alma Mater, the values we stand for and our professional environment which, in the years that they have been with us, have helped shape their future.