Our Vision Our Promise


Reqelford International School is a one of a kind educational institution in Hyderabad with a perfect mix of learning and fun supported by the best infrastructure. Reqelford International provides an impeccably designed environment for the holistic development of young minds. Our curriculum is designed to develop your ward for the interconnected world today. The learning process is built with the aim of encouraging every student to work in groups, communicate in different languages ensuring exposure to various cultures and delivering true international education.


Empower our students to be lifelong learners, encourage an international mindset and enable them to contribute productively and responsibly towards the community.


Our ultimate mission is to aim high and accomplish dreams with good values and great academics.


Reqle in Greek stands for the number 7, Ford means crossing or wading. Reqelford aims to help its students reach the highest plane of education based on the crossing or by passing through the seven pillars of Knowledge, Faith, Love, Joy, Self-Management, Perseverance and Excellence.

Our philosophy is commitment to a structured and purposeful learning and our aim is to establish a learning community thats open for all.