The cost of discipline is always less than the price of Regret, so self-discipline is the biggest investment for success in life.

My warm greetings to all the Reqelford International School hostel students, their parents living in India, and other parts of the world.

It gives me mammoth pleasure to welcome you all to be a part of Reqelford family that strives to provide students a homely and healthy atmosphere with complete safety and security in the hostel.

At Reqelford Residential Housing Program (RHP), we not only make efforts to provide our students a clean environment and a comfortable place to live in, but encourage them to live in discipline. We understand discipline is the key to success and career building; hence, we promote self-discipline among students.

We know hostel life is a union of diverse cultures and different upbringings, which blends into a harmony for a rich and memorable experience. We provide an atmosphere where they can learn, laugh and live to the fullest. The pastoral care team ensure that the students get a clean, green and relaxed atmosphere.

Reqelford hostel (Falcons Nest) infrastructure is equipped with amenities like 24 hour power supply, cold and hot water availability, clean and hygienic environment, spacious and comfortable rooms, central air conditioning cooling system, clean toilets, cafeteria with dedicated staff, nutritious menu with a lot of variety, laundry support, recreation room, playground, 24 hours medical and security facilities. Wi-Fi connectivity (to be in place this year).

Comforts are important but they are not enough. Man is a social animal and needs to interact with others. The resident students are encouraged to participate in many cultural and social activities round the year. Colorful evenings of songs and dances are common on the campus. Talent shows, dramatics and literary events are organised from time to time. The boarders are encouraged to live in harmony, like one big family, helping each other whenever required.

Life at Reqelford boarding presupposes high degree of integrity, mindfulness, cooperation, open-mindedness and hard work for a bright future. Our RHP comprises of students not only from India, but from different parts of the Globe (Foreign Students).

The year 2019-20 was an action-packed year for the RHP. It was always exciting returning to school at the start of a new academic year to see both old and new faces ready to embark on a new and thrilling journey.

Various activities conducted by the student committee in the RHP were geared to inculcate in students- leadership qualities, organizing abilities, human values, team spirit, fellowship and the joy of sharing. Following are the list of a few events conducted by the student committees:

Fresher's Night:
The RHP is a platform for the students to develop all their talents. Fresher's Night is organised with variety of entertainment programmes. It is indeed a springboard for many to begin well. Various programmeswere conducted to encourage new student to expose their talent. All this was done under the able guidance of the cultural team (comprising of old and new boarders) and the Pastoral care team.

Environmental committee:
I feel immensely privileged to have got the opportunity to express my views on ‘Trees are Our Lifeline’. Franklin D. Roosevelt rightly said, “A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people. ” The Environmental committee which conducted the Plantation and Clean the campus drive in the school campus rightly highlighted this.

Cultural committee:
The Hostel cultural team organised a fantastic cultural programmes i.e. the Dandia night, Diwali celebrations and the Gala Dinner (Christmas celebration) bringing joy to both the participants and the audience. The boarders displayed their talent, team spirit, feeling of oneness, sharing of resources, learning the art of organizing & building of leadership qualities are the fruits of such a show.

Sports Committee:
Sport plays a vital role in keeping everyone fit and energetic and it is something very essential in one’s life. Reqelford RHP is proud of its sports team that on various occasions brought together the hostel student community through several sports event. Relevant Sports kits along with professional coaches are available to the boarders to participate in various events in the school and also participate in external sports events at state and interstate level.

As we had a wonderful academic year that come to an end, Reqelford RHP team is looking forward for a wonderful and exciting new beginning for the academic year 2020-21 with a whole lot of activities to make hostel life truly meaningful and a home away from home.