We cultivate an Open Learning Environment

Added Infrastructure

Multi-purpose Auditorium

The U.K. Arena is a fully air-conditioned indoor auditorium, fitted with the best acoustics and light systems. It has separate viewing galleries for visitors and VIPs. It is provided with movie screening facility to telecast live programs and shows. Its wooden flooring makes it a perfect ground for conducting concerts, plays, events and lectures. The auditorium can also be used for playing sports – indoor basketball, badminton, and much more.

Organic Garden

Reqelforders are encouraged to be socially responsible for which students are motivated to contribute actively towards the building and maintenance of an on-campus organic garden. Children participate in plantation drives, while they take up the responsibility to mould their planted saplings to survive and grow healthy.


An elaborate range of instruments – from membrane instruments to stringed instruments are taught. The studio is designed to facilitate teaching of all types of instruments. All training is provided by professional instructors. We offer an exquisite music studio to provide students with the right ambience to learn, discover and build their talent.


Our wooden floored dance studio facilitates learning space for different dance forms – classical to contemporary. Our children are allowed to choose from available options, enabling them to challenge their skills.


Reqcafe4u – Reqelford’s two-storied cafeteria offers fresh, nutritious, and quality food to students. It has a seating capacity of 3,500 students with a wide range of items and cuisines – Indian, Chinese and Continental. Here 100% of the food is made in-house, hand prepared and baked right in our school kitchen by our team of trained chefs. Reqcafe4u is set in a trendy café culture environment for students to sit and enjoy their meals in a comfortable setting and surrounded by art décor.


School bus service is offered for our students. We have a fleet of air-conditioned buses that are equipped with the GPS system that allows us to locate the school bus in real-time. Every bus is accompanied by a trained bus escort and all our drivers are trained to drive safely. Voice recorder and CC Cameras installed for security reasons.


The open learning environment at our campus facilitates learning at available open spaces of the school. The amphitheater allows us to conduct activities, assemblies, competitions, workshops, etc, while simultaneously enabling our students to interact with the environment.

The Connecting Bridge

Connects the Main Academic Block with the Multi-Purpose Block, directly walking into the UK Arena. It's named UK, after the Founder, Dr. Uday Kumar. This walk way is a sky walk, and leads into the auditorium and has the Cafeteria in the lower floors. Students love venturing into this sky walk, a get away from Academics!