TechAdvanced Learning methods to facilitate interaction

Educational Facilities

Smart Classroom

Equipped with the latest High-end Smart boards we bring in more life and reality into every day lessons. Built in tools enhance the teaching – learning process. Textbook and subject digital content are loaded onto the Smart board so as to be accessible within the classroom. Smart board technology caters to different learning styles with students demonstrating increased motivation leading to increased participation in class.


Reqelford International School intends to sow the seeds of scientific temper and mathematical skills in the minds of its students, right from an impressionable age. It has developed separate and full-fledged labs for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Visual Arts, Computer Sciences, Robotics, and Environmental Science, as these subjects are learnt best through practical application and experimentation. These labs enhance manipulative, inquiry, investigative, organizational skills in addition to giving vent to student curiosity and interest thereby nurturing critical and analytical thinking skills.

Two-storied Library

A two-storied air-conditioned structure equipped with more than 15,000 books from different publishers and offering adequate reading space. Use of latest technologies, ensures smooth flow of processes. Our children are given the opportunity to choose from a range of authors, genres and periodicals. There is a comprehensive range of DVDs, Video almanacs, biographies and CDs available. We have separate junior and senior libraries.