From the desk of Vice-Principal
Academics and Cambridge

Mrs. Rajitha Balasubramanyam

It has been eight long years since our inception nevertheless Reqelford International School is surging ahead with greater zeal and vigour. We have clinched more titles, covered more milestones and we continue to add more feathers to our cap. The management leaves no stone unturned to ensure we give our students a top of the line education. What makes us grow stronger and deliver a spectacular academic session year after year is the School’s robust philosophy that continues to steadfastly bind us together with common goals and a shared vision- a philosophy based on the Seven Pillars of Knowledge , Faith, Joy, love, perseverance, Self-control and Excellence. Though Academics is at the forefront of all Activities at Reqelford, values form the basis of our Education System. This year the focus has been largely on inculcating a sense of discipline in students on all frontiers through periodic Mentoring Sessions and inspirational Resource Talks. Myriad people from different spheres of life walked through the portals of the school to address our students and give them valuable insights on developing their emotional intelligences, their communication skills, on respecting other individuals and being more empathetic, on developing high moral grounds and moving towards a more sustainable future. We hope and pray these sessions will go a long way in shaping each student’s individual character and personality.

The onset of the fresh Academic year in March saw us into the last leg of the British Council’s humongous International School Award journey that gave the much needed impetus to our Curriculum framework thereby providing young students with the opportunity to participate in global issues, engage with their peers in other countries and develop a real understanding and appreciation of the cultural diversity that exists in the world. This journey had its rich dividends in the form of the International Award Conferred on the school for the THIRD consecutive time – undisputedly a milestone achievement indeed!

On the Sporting and Non-Sporting Arena, through the Coaching Activities introduced this year, each student is afforded the rare opportunity to receive rigorous training in art, music, dance, drama, physical education! Students are encouraged to do everything they can to foster their creativity and build on the skills learnt during these coaching sessions.

On the Cambridge Curriculum front, the school decided to introduce an exciting subject titled ‘Global Perspectives’ for students of Grade 6, 7 and 8. The idea was to develop student thought processes on already existing topics of study by viewing it through different dimensions and learning to analyze sources at the same time looking at issues from different perspectives. The objective was also to give students more scope to involve in group discussions, debates, independent research building and enhancing their critical thinking skills.

The outstanding results that our board going students of Cambridge have been achieving the past few years with several of our students even clinching the AICE diploma has spiraled us to an all new high where Academic Standards are concerned. We hope and pray that we keeping aiming high and reach the pinnacles of success.