Mrs. Rachel Priyalatha Ghosh & Mr. Sreejoy GhoshName of the students: Aradhana Ghosh (Grade 12 Alpha) & Abhishek Ghosh (Grade 6 Alpha)

Our children have been attending the school for the last 3 years. It gives us immense joy and satisfaction to see them blossom in the areas of academics, extra-curricular activities and confidence building. It's been one of our best decisions to join Reqelford International School and we are delighted to see them every day being nurtured into responsible, caring and strong individuals. This journey would not be possible without the support of a highly talented and committed team of academic & non-academic staff who take personal interest in every child. Above all I must say, Dr. Sravanthi along with her core team are the well-wishers of children and provide all opportunities for overall success. We strongly recommend that you choose this school for a holistic development & their excellence in Cambridge curriculum.

Mrs. Anitha & Mr. Amarnath Name of the child: Siddarth – Grade 9 Alpha

It has been a phenomenal and memorable journey at Reqelford during the past four years. We can’t thank you enough for the positive contribution you have made in our son Siddarth’s life. The knowledge, values, skills that you have imparted to Siddarth will always stay with him and reflect in his actions. A big thank you to Mrs. Jyotsna, Siddarth’s Geography teacher who encouraged him and was a positive influence on him during his early years in Reqelford. Special thanks to Mrs. Manjula and Mrs. Rajitha for showering so much love, care and attention towards Siddarth. We are very pleased with the excellent infrastructure the school is offering to students. We feel proud as parents to provide such a safe and holistic environment to our kid.

Mrs. & Mr. Praveen Kari Name of the students: Pradeep Kari (Grade 12 Alpha) and Sandeep Kari (Grade 8 Alpha)

I would like to take this opportunity to convey my gratitude to Reqelford International School management and teaching staff. Both my children moved to India from USA. After we moved, we found ourselves fortunate to find a school which provides a system with equivalent curriculum and sports activities. RFIS helped our children in all ways. RFIS helps new students adapt to a different learning system and is always ready to help them overcome the hardships of the learning process. The school enables the students to participate not only in the school projects but also in International projects. My children are the best example. So, I would like to refer Reqelford International School for future dynamic and energetic kids.

Mrs. & Mr. Rajinit Name of the child: Rithvik (Grade 7 IG)

This school is very good. My kids love it here. That is mostly because this school gives more importance to extracurricular activities. The teachers are also very nice and know how to handle kids of all age groups. I, as a parent, am very glad to have joined my kids in Reqelford International School.