Here students are encouraged to dream BIG

Co-ordinator Diaries

From the desk of ACO

Ms. Rajitha Balasubramanyam

Life at Reqelford is fast-paced. Every space in the Campus doubles up as a Learning Space; therefore, children love the time spent at school and hesitate to leave for home. The focus being on Activity-Oriented learning, the school at large encourages students to pursue what they are good at and can excel in. Various club activities add to this multi-faceted learning.

Regular Resource talks are also conducted with some of the best minds in various fields. Some of the talks organized the past few years for students were creative writing by Mr.Chetan Bhagat, story narration & weaving by Ms. Elizabeth from a kindergarten school in America, crystallography by Ms.Lata Govada from Imperial College - London, visit by His Excellency Mr.Amadou Mustafa Diouf – Ambassador from Senegal to brief students on the commonalities in Education pattern in India and Senegal.

There is so much that the school has to offer and so much for the child to learn – the list seems endless, but yes after working here I can say ‘Real Life Learning’ is happening here – children collaborate, get involved in numerous hand-on activities, are able to juggle Sports, Academics and Arts, but more than anything else are able to Speak for themselves, Think for themselves and Act for themselves, which is what true learning is all about.

From the desk of AEO

Ms Manjula Vaidya

Reqelford international School is dedicated to imbibe strong moral values and qualities of integrity, honesty, creativity, perseverance, benevolence, discipline, and self-confidence in its students. We encourage transparency of thoughts and strive to enhance communication skills to mould our students to be strong thinkers and communicators of this generation.

It is our commitment to our students that we shall extend the best innovative practices in every sphere of their schooling. Hence, no stone will be left unturned to ensure that our children reach the next milestone with great confidence, self esteem, élan and poise.

We are at the doorstep of a new challenge and opportunity with a pledge of making our school a center of excellence where a stress free and caring environment will nurture the young minds. Our appreciation and thanks to our dedicated and passionate teachers who have walked the extra mile for our students, and our supportive parents who provided the encouragement and interest towards the development of the School. Teamwork is the hallmark of our school.