Residential Facility Now Open

Residential Facility

Residential life at Reqelford is designed to create an environment of learning coupled with activities built to develop a healthy social community for students to engage with one another. The residential block has separate floors for boys and girls with a resident warden for each wing to ensure child safety and discipline. The entire facility is closely monitored and overseen by the Resident Director. The dorm rooms are spacious with apt furnishings to offer a comfortable stay for students. The Residential facility is open for students from Grade 7 to Grade 12. Living on-campus is not only a great way to make friends and memories that stay on for a lifetime, but also pushes a child to learn and grow in a challenging environment carefully designed to nurture their skills and talents. Be it on campus study-time or floor activity sessions, the campus life connects/ bonds the student community.

Why choose residential life at Reqelford?

  • Here students get involved - it helps foster a community of opportunities, challenges and innovation
  • Daily schedules carefully designed to provide students with the right environment to enhance their skills
  • Provides a completely secure environment that is closely monitored by the Resident Director and the Resident Team
  • Here we encourage diversity in culture and diversity in thought