Holistic approach to child development

Board of Directors

From the Directors Desk

Dr. M.Uday KumarFounder Chairman

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to Reqelford International School - a highly enterprising school dedicated to providing transformational educational experiences through holistic development and special thrust on values. The school strives to equip future leaders with the competence and character to address emerging global business and social challenges.

Reqelford has made noteworthy advances and has embarked on several opportunities that will have positive implications on the years to come. The school takes pride in providing a caring atmosphere with avenues and facilities that nurture confidence, clarity of thought, discipline, leadership and a profound sense of social responsibility. Reqelford's goal is to inculcate the habit of life-long learning and to encourage greater innovation in its students. To this end, the school provides world-class infrastructure wherein every corner of the campus offers a learning space. Further, the school utilises technology as a tool to compliment and augment its efforts at providing superior educational experience to its wards. The school is committed to expand its ability to provide diverse opportunities to its students to explore their talents, skills and interests.

I strongly believe that the right education has the potential to multiply the impact of innovative thinking and produce leaders with strong knowledge and value-based foundation so that they may contribute positively to the betterment of society. I recognise that we are at a unique moment in time, and I am energised by the challenges and ground that is yet to be covered. As we go forward, Reqelford will continue to explore new opportunities and live up to its vision of delivering excellent education to generate outstanding students.

Dr. Vidya SravanthiEntrepreneur in Education

I am delighted to introduce Reqelford International School to you. Reqelford is the realization of a dream to redefine the delivery of education to make it most effective and enjoyable. We aim to be the leader in preparing and inspiring the next generation leaders. We believe in empowering our wards with the ability to think, participate, discover and excel. We take pride in our commitment to providing opportunities for advancement of students from varied backgrounds and offering our students access to exceptional learning facilities.

The school has top educationalists and visionaries of India on its Board. The curriculum balances the development of essential skills with a focus on understanding, exploring and creativity. At Reqelford, students are prepared to excel in the global economy.

Last year has witnessed an impressive success story. I am constantly inspired by the talent and energy displayed by our students. It is our desire to encourage our young learners to move forward with a passion for life. We look ahead to equipping many more students with the skills that would offer them the advantage to exploit the opportunities that life offers.

Mr. Ashok GangulyFormer Chairperson,CBSE

Former Chairperson, Central Board of Secondary Education
Central Advisory Board of Education (Member)
National Steering Committee (Member)

Mr. Ashok Ganguly is the former chairperson, Central Board of Secondary Educatoin. Underlining the need to develop new skills for the new century, Mr. Ganguly introduced Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) in the class XI-XII curriculum. As member of the National Steering Committee and the Central Advisory Board of Education, he played an important role in the development of the National Curriculum Framework 2005. He was the Chairperson of the Ganguly Committee on admission to Nursery.

Ms. Sheeba Pritika

Ms. Sheeba Pritika represents the body of young professionals in Hyderabad, with ample exposure and experience in international education. She graduated from University of California and has worked with one of the worlds largest Capital Investment Companies. She was an active member of Student Unions & Student Organizations. Through her experience and knowledge attained abroad, Pritika aspires to bring the best of both national and international education into Reqelford International School. She strongly believes that every Reqelforder should acquire an International mindset along with ever-prosperous Indian value systems.